What are the ingredients? Is it Gluten Free/Soy Free?

Unreal Deli meats are made with very clean ingredients using real, whole vegetables like beets, chickpeas, tomatoes, and a complex spice blend with no food colorings or preservatives. It is not gluten free or soy free as we use the high protein part of the wheat grain and a trace amount of soy sauce in each batch, but every ingredient is proudly pronounceable, unprocessed, and made with love.

What else can I do with my Unreal Deli meat aside from sandwiches?

So glad you asked! We think Unreal Corn'd Beef makes for great corned beef hashes, crisped up in tacos, quiches, scrambles and more! The Roasted Turk'y makes a killer (no kill) Cobb Salad or turkey pinwheels/roll ups and you can't go wrong using our Steak Slices to make classics like Mongolian Beef or steak salad.

If I order a box today, when should I receive it?

Typically that answer is within 5–7 business days; we are hustling to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. NOTE: Shipping carriers are experiencing more delays than usually due to the pandemic so please kindly allow for this special circumstance.

How do I know when my order will arrive?

You will receive a pre-shipment email with your tracking info. If you would like to know the whereabouts of your package once it ships, please contact UPS with your tracking number. We do not require a signature for delivery. Unreal Deli always takes responsibility if our packages are lost or arrive warm. The only caveat being - if you are not home to receive the delivery, we cannot be held responsible for it being left outside for a period of time. We always stand by our product and ensure it's shipped and received properly.

Are freight and boxes included?

Boxes, insulation and ice packs are always included. For products 5 lb and up, all shipping is free. For products 1–2.5 lb –– freight is calculated at checkout.

Is it perishable?

Unreal Deli products are perishable and must be refrigerated upon arrival. The products are cold shipped frozen and will have somewhat defrosted upon arrival. They can then be refrozen or refrigerated. The expiration date is on the package. It can remain frozen until then (6 months after production) and you can refrigerate it for 4–6 weeks.

Is this a gift?

Unreal Deli meat makes for great gifts, but please tell the recipient to expect it as our products are perishable! If your recipient refuses the delivery, is not available to accept the delivery, or does not answer the door - it will be returned to us by UPS and no longer consumable.

Is Unreal Deli meat Kosher?

Yes! Unreal Deli meats have kosher certification from the cRc. If you'd like to see our certificate, please ask. We look forward to having many *Hamotzies* said over our Unreal Corn'd Beef sandwiches!

What if I don't like it?

We think that's highly unlikely, and to prove it - we have a satisfaction guarantee on our 1 lb Mini Boxes! Take a taste of the best vegan deli at no risk... shipping costs not included - limited to 1.

What is the look of Unreal Deli meat?

Unreal Deli meat has a very meaty look. The Corn'd Beef color is dependent on the beets of the season, which range from pinkish reds to more tannish browns (the range of colors you’d find in non-plant beef). We are committed to using local organic beets and no food colorings so that you receive the most natural product possible.

Do you ship to Canada?

We definitely try! If you place a bulk order of $200 or more to a Canada address, we will do our very best to get it there! Occasionally, Canadian Customs requires an extra fee, which we will email you for approval. We love our veg-forward Canadian friends and look forward to selling in your local grocery stores and restaurants!