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Tastes amazing, but contains Titanium Dioxide

This is (was) by far my favorite plant based alternative for deli meat. Haven’t been a pescatarian for very long, only a few years, so when I found this I was hooked. It was so great to be able to have good sandwiches that actually make you full again (not just veggies, cheese and bread like seemingly all restaurants assume vegetarians and pescatarians want). I liked it so much I didn’t do my due diligence I guess. PSA for those who care, the product contains titanium dioxide, which candy companies are being sued over due to rising concerns about it being a carcinogen. It’s only purpose is to give it a whiter color, which in my opinion is disappointing. Some plant based protein companies try too hard to make their products look like what it’s imitating. I wish more understood it’s the taste and nutrition that matter to us, not the aesthetic. To Unreal Deli, I sincerely hope you consider removing titanium dioxide and finding an alternative that isn’t harmful to your customers (or just letting the product be the color it would be without it, no one would care). Until then I won’t be purchasing more, but I’d LOVE to again if you do.

Amanda Trepagnier
tastes great

great texture and taste! cant wait for my local store to carry this

Antone Sneed

Loved it. Ready to order again

Beth Hawley

it is a good product just not my cup of tea.

Adam Fishman
Best Vegan Turkey on the Market!

Absolutely love Unreal Deli meats, particularly the Roasted Turk'y. It's so delicious and you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference. Plus, it's healthy and cruelty free, meaning real turkeys get to live in peace.