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Customer Reviews

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I bought my first pack of Corn Beef at Ralph’s today and made a sandwich with gouda cheese and it was delicious! I am not vegan but I am vegetarian and miss my deli cut sandwiches. This brand is really good. They are expensive ($6-7 for one pack) at my grocery store but it’s worth it for the taste and to save animals.

No one mentions the Price?

I am surprised that no one here mentions $26 for one pound of product? Either all of you are extremely rich or I am missing something. I note that no store sells this with 150 miles of Central California and at that price plus shipping it is about 4 times what I am willing to pay. Note also that the salt content, as with most vegan meatless products is very high.

Add on to last review

The last order I made that took longer than a week to ship. I was told they were having technical issues in the fulfillment center and if I wanted my order faster I could pay extra for faster shipping. Just confused as to why I would have to pay extra shipping when it was their technical issues that caused the delay?
Just doesn’t seem logical to me!

Good product/ terrible shipping

1st I’d like to say unreal deli products are amazing. Everyone in my family loves them!
The shipping/packaging department on the other hand is not that great :(
Several times I’ve received only part of my order, I’ve also received an order that product was expired and often my product doesn’t ship for over a week or more. PLEASE get the shipping department under control!!!

Kelly Britnell

Not very good but I’m so thankful you tried & thankful for more vegan options