The Best Vegan Mayo Recipe

The Best Vegan Mayo Recipe

Eggs are often one of the last things people remove from their diet when becoming vegan because it's so ubiquitous in baked goods, breakfast and mayo.

Also people tend to think egg farming is less harmful to animals. I also believed this to be true, for years. I used to purchase Vital Farms cage free and pasture-raised eggs for $6.99 a dozen - they use colorful crayon font on their cartons to extol the amazing ways their hens are treated.

Colorful crayon font means all is well and innocent, right?

Not so fast - on their website they explain they too practice the same industry standard for discarding baby boy chicks (who are useless to the egg industry as they won't lay eggs) - called "culling" which takes place everywhere eggs are farmed - placing "useless" day-old chicks into a blender upon birth.

I'm sorry for the graphic explanation, but we need not fool ourselves into thinking some animal agriculture is acceptable.

Animal welfare is put aside every day for efficiency and maximum profiting in animal agriculture.

So Screw that!

Let's make Vegan Mayo - same consistency, just as tasty, but without the cholesterol & cruelty - - takes 2 minutes and is super versatile in so many dishes from salads to sandwiches, burgers and it pairs perfectly with our Unreal Corned Beef.

What you need: 

1/2 C non dairy milk

1 tbl apple cider vinegar

1 tbl mustard seed

1/2 tsp salt

1 C neutral Oil (such as grapeseed)

What you do:

Mix everything in a blender on a low speed except the oil, slowly drizzle in the oil and increase to high. Leave the blender on high about 60-90 seconds until fluffy!